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Well, I guess I'm a blogger.

So I am not technologically inclined. At all. But I do have a FB page, and a website. Obviously. During my effort to improve our online presence it became clear to me that adding a blog to the website is pretty easy. The adding it part anyway. The actual blogging (is that a word?) is perhaps a little more difficult. By nature I am a very shy person. You wouldn't know it to meet me, I am personable, likeable and even outgoing. At least at work I am. I am also a very good actress. That's not to say I'm not genuine to everyone I meet, I am very nice and I mean it, it would just be easier to keep to myself and not have to interact with anyone. But that is not an option. I meet lots of people. Everyday. So I act like it's easy for me to be ON. A friend years ago asked me if it was hard to "Be ON" all the time. Yes. It is. At least for a shy person. There is a lot I want to say, but don't. I just can't bring myself to it. So maybe blogging will be a good way express some of the things I don't say, even when I am On. If I can just make myself put it all out there.


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