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What to Bring

wtb 1hr
wtb sr
wtb cr

We recommend wearing

long pants and closed toed shoes.

However this is not a requirement, simply what you will be most comfortable in.

Are you visiting in the summer?



hat (tight fitting, no floppy or loose fitting hats that might blow off)

camera (no selfie sticks)

light jacket

rain coat (jacket style, no trash bags or floppy plastic ponchos)

No umbrellas


Are you visiting in the winter?





winter coat


No matter what time of you year you visit, the less you carry, the better.  We recommend leaving backpacks and purses in the car or back at the hotel.

And please...NO drones. Ever

Ahhh, the sleigh rides...

Dress warm!

winter coats, gloves, hats/earmuffs

warm drinks (with lids please)

We provide blankets for all of our riders, but you are more than welcome to bring your own as well.

Dress appropriate for the weather

feel free to bring...

drinks (with lids please)


bags, purses, etc


If you have a stroller you are welcome to leave it inside, there is always someone to keep an eye on it, and anything else you would like to  leave for safe keeping until you  return.

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