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About us

About Us!


Grindstone Stables has been offering horseback rides for 30 years! Customer Service and Hospitality, as well as great horses, are our number one priority. We pride ourselves in knowing our horses and matching each and every guest to an appropriate mount. 


We cater to families and beginners, though our scenic trail will delight all ages and abilities of rider.



Although our proximity to town makes our location convenient, please remember we are in a rural setting.   There is dirt, which turns to mud after a rain.  There is, on occasion, rain and or snow. Please dress accordingly.  While we do our best to keep the area tidy there is a chance your shoes will get dirty, your clothes may get wet, and you may encounter bugs (generally harmless houseflies, but we are in the woods, so you never know).  All of this is part of the experience.  After-all, if you just wanted to sit in the hotel and play on your tablet you wouldn't' even be looking into horseback riding...right?   Bottom line, you're going to have a great time, the horses are in top shape and the tack is in good repair.  Just don't be surprised or put out when you show up to our rustic environment. 


Our rides are scheduled at specific times thought the day (times vary by season). Reservations are ALWAYS recommend, however walk-ins are welcome (pending availability) When you make a reservation you will be asked to check in no less than 15 min before your ride. This allows time to fill our paper work and receive your horse assignment.  Please be aware that if you are late for your check in you risk loosing your spot to any walk-ins that are waiting on standby, hoping you don't show up ;)    (if you are running behind and will be late for check in let us know, we will work with you to the best of our ability, as long as you can get here in a timely manner.)

If our rides are full, and you are told to come by and get on standby, that means you also need to be here 15 min before the ride.  Please be aware though that standby does not work like first come first serve. Just because you were here before another family or couple does not mean the available horses will meet your needs.  Horses are not like go-carts, they are all different, just like all of our wonderful guest! We do our best to match everyone to an appropriate mount. We want the ride to be fun, but safety is our number one priority. 


With all this in mind,  remember, you are here on vacation, slow down! Enjoy the cool mountain air, the whispering pines and the amazing scenery. Have fun y'all! We are!  

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